Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Not to Do

I had a DOH! morning this morning. Did the stupid thing. I saw a new curly vine growing near the tip of the 1350s main vine and I usually take those off because they just take energy from the plant in my opinion. I reached over to the curly vine and pinched it and then pulled and as the curely vine came off one part of it wasn't fully pinched and it tore a strip along the main vine all the way to the tip of the main. Put explitives here. I had to terminate the main vine about to where a secondary was growing about 5 inches away. Lost a days growth in the process.

The vines on both plants continue to grow on shedule but I'm praying for warmer weather. I'd like to pollinate at 12 feet and I'm not sure it is going to make that by the 4th right now. We are more in the 10-11 foot range at this time. Cutting a days growth off the main vine (AKA negative growth) doesn't help things either.

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