Sunday, September 27, 2009

Check Out the October Issue Of National Geographic

This pumpkin grower is in the October issue of National Geographic. There is a small article that I'm quoted in. I don't remember saying the quote, but hey I got into one of the most recognized and respected magazines in the world. Had to smooth things over with the wife a little. Lol


Patti Jo said...

Woohoo! You're famous!

I loved your quote! I think Amber secretly loves the pumpkins too.

Jamie said...

She does like the pumpkins. Doesn't always like the amount of time I spend in the patch, but she does like a massive pumpkin sitting the driveway at the end of the season. Since I don't have a pumpkin this year she has been making call around to the other growers to ask if they have any extra pumpkins that we can have.