Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Prep in Colorado

Taking the good advice of an excellent grower I added 3 1/2 yards of composted cow manure to the patch today. My potassium is high in the patch (we are either going to grow a big one this year or we are going pop them all) so I debated weather to add the compost but the advantages of adding the compost outweigh the disadvantages so I evenly distributed it around the 900 sq foot patch. In the next week or so I will add som gypsum, calcium nitrate, peralite, vermiculite, PAM and corn meal to the patch and roto till the area where the hoop house will be and then a few weeks after that I will rototill the rest of the patch so the rye grass has a little more time to grow. The corn meal is being added to add trichoderma to the patch.

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