Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pics from the Pumpkin Patch

The first picture below is of the 1236 Harp. This plant likes to grow long faster than it grows wide. I pollinated a pumpkin at about 11' where the green chair is located and another at around 9' where the white chair is located. Second picture is the 1161 Rodonis. I'm still really liking this plant. Great leaves, massive root system. Not as fast growing on the main as the 1236 but it grows some great side vines. One pollination at 9' and another coming in the next few days at about 13'. I have my weed cloth down with a few inches of sand on it now for the pumpkins to grow on. The sand allows the pumpkin to slide as it grows and helps moisture drain away quickly so the pumpkin doesn't rot on the bottom. Gave the plants some compost tea yesterday and CO2 with magnesium the day before.

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