Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plants Are Growing Like Weeds & Hail Netting is In Finally!

I've killed myself for the last week putting in the hail netting but it is finally done. My wife has been a little cross while I've been digging post holes and pouring cement at 10:00 at night. I'm going to put in some more cross wires to better support the netting but we should be okay for now as long as there are only small hail storms. Of course I expect no hail now since I've gone to all of this work to put up this netting.

The pumpkin plants have been growing like crazy this last week during our warm Denver weather. Both plants are out of the hoop houses and growing about 6-12 inches per day. Right now I'm looking at keeper pollinations around June 18-20th. Way ahead of last year.

The 1161 Rodonis (second picture) is looking more and more like my 1566 plant from last year. I've got a female about 8 feet out on the main now. The pumpkins are looking long in shape but not quite as long as the females I had on the 1566. Lots of burying of vines and adding myco these days. Its fun to watch the vines grow but it is sure hard work keeping up with them.

The 1236 Harp (third picture) really kicked into gear the last 4 days. It is still a bit behind the 1161 but the main seems to be growing faster than the 1161 lately. This plant shows lots of signs of vigor.

I did a final till of the soil today. Didn't add any amendments as I think I have everying in the soil that I need. Just needed to uncompact some of the areas that my foot prints had packed down and till in the green manure (aka weeds). Just waiting for the pumpkins now.

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