Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ugh! Problems in the Patch But Still Good Growth

I recognized yesterday that the leaves were having some problems. Some big problems. A little over a week ago I saw what I thought was some leaf burn on the plants. About 5 days ago I noticed that some of the older leaves had gone dull and then a day or so after that I saw that the "burn" on the edge of the leaves was progressing rapidly. I now recognize that the burn is some kid of fungal infection. Both plants have it and I'm loosing about 5-10 leaves a day because of it. All of the leaves on both plants look a little dull from it. Now the battle is to keep the plants healthy enough to get a pumpkin to the weigh-off. No state record for me this year. I'm hoping to just get some viable seeds out of the pumpkin.

Besides all the troubles, the 1236 did it's biggest single day gain of 28 pounds today. It is right in it's growth cycle now so hopefully it can work through it's problems and keep growing.

I sprayed some fungicide on the plant to try to slow down what is going on but I don't even know what I have. Been doing lots of research but haven't been able to figure it out yet.


Anonymous said...

Question, where can I get some captans or benlate fungicide in the Denver metro area? Also how can I prevent stem split? Thanks

Jamie said...

I would look online. I haven't seen either product at my garden centers.