Thursday, August 12, 2010

Correction: 1161 is Growing Just Fine

Found out I had some mis-measurements on the 1161 and it is actually growing pretty good the last few days. The stump is a mess, but the pumpkin is growing fine. I cleaned up the stump again today. The rot has gone in about 1/3 inch and doesn't seem to be improving much. If anyone has any tips on how to clear it up I'm all ears.

I should have an announcement on the 1236 Harp pumpkin this Sunday. Stay tuned!

Gave both of the plants some secret sauce tonight. It may be a bit late in the season for it but I figure it can't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Secret sauce?

Jamie said...

Could be. Or it might be that by the time I get back to the house to record the measurements I can't can't properly remember what the measurements were so the end up wrong for two days straight and when I finally do get it right it looks like I did 6 inches of growth in a single day. I need a vacation.

Jamie said...

The secret sauce is some benefical biologicals. Fungus and bacteria that protect the plant and help feed it. Its no real secret however to most competition pumpkin growers. Tricoderma and bacillus have been used for a number of years now.

Jamie said...

It's fun to put the other growers on edge by saying 'secret sauce.' There is proably 1-3 new products every year that catch on. Of those 1-3 maybe one of them is actually worth something. But if you have a big pumpkin and you used the 'secret sauce' then everyone assumes it must be in the sauce. Couldn't be an hour or two a day working on the plants. lol