Monday, May 23, 2011

A Big Thanks to CBS Trucking & Excavating!

I grow my pumpkins on my neighbor Chris' land. Not only is he good enough to let me take 1,000 square feet to grow on but he also let's me use his well water to water the pumpkins. I am very appreciative for his kindness and generosity. If you ever need land excavating work done give Chris's company a call, CBS Trucking, and tell them The Pumpkin Man sent you.


kounterkultured said...

Wow! Huge pumpkin. Thats really cool. I'm sure there is a ton of work to get to your level. Have you ever tried to cross breed any plants,vegetables or fruits. Can you grow a 700 pounder indoors

Jamie said...

Sorry for my delayed reply. I never saw this comment. 700 pounds would be possible indoors. You need lots of light. A gentleman by the name of Paton in England grows 1,500 pound pumpkins in his greenhouse.