Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Little to Cold for the Pumpkin Plants

Had something happen last night that hasn't happened before. The 1204 hoop house got a little froze. Not sure why. The hoop house has a 250 watt heat lamp bulb in it but the leaves were pretty beaten up this morning after a 29 degree night. The night before it got down to about 31 degrees but the plants came out fine.

The other hoop house has a thermostatically controlled space heater in it and those plants looked fine this morning. My guessing is that the 1204 plants will snap out of it but will be slowed up for a day or three as they get back into shape. Kind of disappointing however. In the past I've usually just had a standard 75 watt bulb in the hoop house and never had any issues like this.

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