Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giant Pumpkin Plant Traits & Genetics

As mentioned before, this year I am growing the 1204 Scherber (1421 Stelts x 1725 Harp) and the 868 Johnson (1161 Rodonis x 1544 Reviere). It has been interesting seeing how mama and papa's genetics effect the progeny. There are three 1204 Scherber plants being grown this year in Colorado. Mine tends to take after the 1725 Harp (mama) in appearance and growth. One of the other 1204 Scherbers looks more like the 1421 Stelts (papa). The third looks more like a hybrid of the two plants. Like children, you never know what you are going to get from a seed.

Slower growth on my 1204 pumpkin today. Not sure why. Maybe a bad measurement either yesteday or today. The 868 grow the same as the day before and actualy, based on the measurements outgrew the 1204 by 5 pounds today. It will be interesting to see what tomorrows measurements look like.

Had to cut off some side vines around the pumpkins today. The pumpkins were getting close to the vines and I don't like the leaves touching the pumpkins skin because it can scuff it all up.

Gave both plants some compost tea this evening.

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