Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch

The 1204 Scherber AKA "Ricky"

Dear Jerry Seinfeld. I hope this pumpkin proves two things. First, giant pumpkin don't have to be ugly. Second, this pumpkin was named after Ricky Gervais and hopefully it proves that the "British" don't have to be ugly (if you watched me on NBC you'll know what I am talking about).


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Ricky have split going into it's cavity? Isn't against pumpkIn competition rules from the gpc that you can't enter a pumpkin that has split that goes into the cavity?

Jamie said...

Yep, Ricky unfortunately has a split into the cavity. It can be weighed at the weigh-off but won't be part of the competition.

Patrick said...

That is an awesome looking pumpkin!