Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Pumpkins Are Getting Hard to Measure These Days

It has gotten kind of difficult to the measure the 1204 Scherber pumpkin (AKA Ricky) these days. It has lots of ribs and none of the ribs follow a consistent path so measuring and measuring consistently has become a challenge. Yesterday I found that the spot that I have been measuring on no longer is the biggest path around the pumpkin as other ribs have started to bulge out more.

With my measurements I'm mostly looking to find out if the pumpkin is growing properly and if I need to give the plants more water or more fertilizer. These days I've been a bit busy so every other day or every third day do I get a chance to put a measuring tape around the pumpkins. Today's circumference measurement on the 1204 pumpkin was 151 inches.


Anonymous said...

753 pounds not bad, I got you by 11 more inchs (162=905)

Jamie said...

Ya, but I'm going to go 21% heavy so I've got you by 1 pound. Lol

Grow em big!