Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 656 Johnson AKA Jerry

I took the final measurements on "Jerry" today because I will be cutting it open to get the seeds out. The 868 measures 142 inches in circumference and has an estimated weight of 656 pounds. So now the pumpkin (pictured below) will be known as the 656 Johnson (868 Johnson x 1725 Harp).


Patrick said...

What happened to it? Are you not going to be able to use either pumpkin in the competition now???

Jamie said...

Jerry's skin was brittle and as the pumpkin grew cracks would form on it's surface, which wasn't a big deal. I would just put bleach and sulfur powder on the cracks and they would heal up. there was a crack that formed however that was hidden behind the main vine that I did't see. Once I discovered it the rot had gone in 2 inches and the pumpkins was done. I don't have a pumpkin for competition now. Hoping that the 1204 will hold together so that I can take it to the weigh-off at Jared's Nursery so I can get it weighed offically.

Patrick said...

Oh bummer...Well either way, nice job, those are some huge pumpkins! I hope the "Ricky" pumpkin holds together for you to weigh it though, it looks enormous!