Monday, April 16, 2012

The Children Have Got off to a Great Start for their Pumpkin Season!

My children are giant pumpkin growers (I can just see my wife rolling her eyes now as she reads this post).  This year they seem more excited about it than in past  years to grow a giant pumpkin.  My daughter this year is particularly interested in growing a bigger pumpkin and I think she will do it.  They are growing one of my 924 Johnson seeds along with a 335 Scherber.  The 335 is a cross of a clone plant that grew a 1,725 pound pumpkin crossed with a clone plant that grew a 1663 pound pumpkin.  On paper this seed has a lot of genetic potential.

This year the children did all of the work from putting their soil mixture together (my son didn't seem very excited to dig into the earthworm castings to get some quality poop to add to his pot but eventually he got right into it), soaking the seeds and putting the seed in the soil.   I'm really hoping they will get over 200 pounds this year. If they work hard I'm sure they can do it.

I'll be starting my seeds on the 18th.  With the first weigh-off of the season starting a week later this year I'm starting a little later than normal.  

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