Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fast Pumpkin Plant Growth, Compost Tea & Seaweed

This evening I gave the pumpkin plants some aerated compost tea that has been brewing for two days along with about two tablespoons of seaweed and molasses.  Seaweed contains a complex matrix of natural plant growth stimulants, including gibberellins, auxins, betraines and cytokinins. These are the factors that influence cell elongation, differentiation, and cell division. It is also rich in naturally chelated minerals and trace elements, carbohydrates, vitamins, and amino acids.  Aerated compost tea is teeming with billions of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied directly to the leaf surface of a plant as a foliar spray or used as a soil drench to improve root systems.  I did both this evening.

The 1451 Scherber has been growing very quickly this last week.  At it's present rate it will be growing out of the hoop house by the later part of this week.  It is a good problem to have and the aggressiveness of it's mom is one of the reasons that I choose to grow this seed but it does present some minor problems.  Spring in Colorado tends to be windy and the hoop house nicely protects the plant right now so the plant getting out of the hoop house early does open it up to some potential problems.  The other problem is that I'm going to be putting in a Dan Micro sprinkler system very soon but the plant is about a week ahead of me so I'm going to have to kick it into high gear to get the watering system completed.

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