Sunday, June 17, 2012

Windy & Hot Father's Day

Happy Father's day to you!  A hot and windy day here in Denver.  It is hard to give the pumpkin plants enough water on days like today.

I sprayed one tablet of Biotamax, a tablespoon on Azos and 3/4 of a cup of molasses on the patch.   I finished tilling all but 80% of the patch yesterday.  Tilling is hard on the soil and in some ways hard on the biology in the soil.  The biology tends to get beaten up in the tilling process but the new air introduced into the soil and the mixing of nutrients tends to create a spike in biological activity after the tilling.  In my mind it makes sense to spray down some Biotamax and Azos after tilling to make sure the soil is overwhelmed with good biology after the tilling.

I also put down molasses with the spray for a similar reason.  The sugars in the molasses should get the bacteria really going which helps release nutrients such as calcium.  I also have a lot of cover crop and weeds that were tilled under and the molasses will help those materials break down more quickly.

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