Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lots of Water and Some fish, Seaweed & Compost Tea for The Pumpkin Plants

Early this morning I gave my pumpkin plants some compost tea, fish & seaweed with about 3/4 cup of organic Big Bloom.  That should make the plants happy for a couple of days.  I'm going to increase the watering on the plants this week.  I noticed that the patch seemed a little drier than I could prefer when I was tilling the patch.  I didn't use the sprinklers on the plants at all yesterday because I knew I would be tilling but I expected it to be a little more moist deeper down then it was.  It has been very dry in Colorado this year.

No females have shown up so far on the 1789 plant yet.  Tom says that the 1725 Harp (the mother of the 1789) tends to not throw a lot of females and they can be difficult to get the pollinations to take.  He should know.  He grew thirty 1725 Harp plants last year.  The main on this plant is growing really fast right now and in the next 2 weeks or so it is going to run out of space so I'm hoping a female shows up in the next 3-4 days.

Latest pictures from the patch are below.  The 1789 is about 10 feet long now.  The 1451 is about 8 1/2 feet long:
1789 Wallace

1451 Scherber


Andrew - Denver said...

Awesome looking plants so far.

How often do you typically water at this stage of the game? I've read you don't want to water too much so the roots have grow to seek out water...but in our dry climate maybe we need a little more than those in wet areas?

Patrick said...

Plants are looking good! I'm jealous.... mine were destroyed in last week's hail storm.

Jamie said...

I water pretty much every day. What I do however is cut back from time to time (I did this yesterday) where I just hand watered around the out areas of where the roots are at so that the roots would reach for the water. I think this works to expand the root system. However, these plants really like water and you really have to dump on the water for it to be too much.

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about the plants Patrick. That happened to me three years ago and it really sucks.