Friday, July 6, 2012

2nd Chance Pumpkin

I pollinated a female flower at about 16 feet this morning on the 1451 plant with pollen from a very nice looking 1451 that Joe Scherber has.  I'm really hoping this one takes because we are already 2 days past the latest I like to do pollinations.  We are 85 days from the first weigh-off at Jared's Nursery and I typically like at least 90 days of growth on a pumpkin.  Although there are also weigh-offs 92 and 99 days out that I can also take my pumpkins to so if this one will grow we do have options.

The next week is looking like cooler and rainy weather which will be gratefully received.  We've had 14 days above 90 degrees and almost half of those over 100 degrees so some cooler weather for pollination will be great.

The female that was developing on the 1789 never fully developed and aborted.  I've got about 12 feet of patch left that I can fun that main down so I'm still hoping for a late fruit set.  If I don't get one to set then I'll make that plant a seed plant setting a couple fruit on the side vines.

I gave the plants some calcium this evening along with a little Big Bloom.


IlliniWx said...

Good luck! Looks like my one pumpkin better do well since my backup's flower is starting to shrivel before it bloomed from the 100 degree heat.

Jamie said...

Same thing happened on my 1789 this week. Female at about 16 feet just melted away.