Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Give Me a Shout Out

Last season there were 17,718 visitors to denverpumpkins.com and I greatly appreciate each of you taking the time to come to the site.  I've always wondered who you are and what made you decide to come to the site.  Some of you leave comments from time to time but I was wondering, if you wouldn't mind, taking one minute to leave me a comment by clicking the Comment link below today and tell me where you are from and why you visited today and if there is anything you would want for me to talk about in future posts on the site.  I know some of you are giant pumpkin growers who are looking for tips.  I know some of you are experienced growers who come her to learn what not to do.  I know some of you are friends looking for updates on the pumpkins.  And I know some of you are trying to figure out why this guy is wasting all this time growing giant pumpkins and worse, writing about it.  All are acceptable answers.  So give me a shout out and thanks again for visiting the site!


Tody said...

Hi, I am from Croatia. I am here for tips and tbh I am hooked to growing giant pumpkins because of this your blog. This is my second year growing giant pumpkins and I love it (although the weather was very bad and I didnt have much luck).
Thanks on everything; on every advice, seed you send and on any tips in future.

Grow em big...

Jamie said...

Thanks Tody! Looking forward to everyone else's comments. Anyone farther away then Croatia?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Michigan and stumbled on your blog doing searches. This is my first attempt at growing a large pumpkin. I've always wanted to try it and this year I was able to remember the early planting and found some 1000 lb seeds from a local grower. What got my attention was that you were posting progress reports and we both had pollinated about the same time. I'm looking for tips and also watching to see where my pumpkin is at compared to someone that has the knowledge and experience of growing these monsters. Thank you for taking the time to do this and thank you even more to answering my questions.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie - I'm in Denver. Sloan's Lake area. 2nd year grower. This blog is great...I appreciate everything from the big picture to the minutiae. What I like the most is it gives a great window into how to "think like a grower". Hopefully with your help I'll grow big this year!


Cindy said...

I read your blog so I know what your mother is talking about when she gives us updates on your life, which always seems to involve much about pumpkins^^;

Hank said...

Hi from Virginia,
I found your site searching for any ideas on fixing tarp damage on one of my pumpkins. One of the tarp corners layed down on a 160lb pumpkin 2 days ago. It burned a 4" x 12" spot. It has sealed but I was looking for some advice if it is possible to do anything to save it.
I'm glad I found your site and will return. Its my 1st year really trying for a big one. I have one that is 29 days and taped out at 200 yesterday. Thanks

Jamie said...

Hey Hank--sorry to hear about the troubles. You may want to take a solution of 10% bleach and water and lightly run it over the damaged area. The will help keep rot away. There is a good chance the pumpkin will heal on it's own.

Jeff said...

Jeff Wokurka (Valencia, California): I came across your blog looking for giant pumpkin growing advice. I am a home gardener trying to grow a large pumpkin. The problem that I am faced with is that I have a softball size pumpkin on the main vine and a basketball size pumpkin on a secondary vine off of the main vine. Assuming that I should cut off one of the pumpkins to allow all of the energy to go to one fruit, I am not sure if I should cut the larger one off (secondary vine) or smaller one off (main vine).

Jamie said...

Jeff--if the pumpkin on the mine vine is growing well and over 10 days old I'd go with it and cut the other one off. Side vine pumpkins tend to grow a little faster early but later don't grow as fast because more energy can flow on the main to power the pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Hello from maine...I am trying to grow a giant pumpkin for the first time..and found your site while searching for help with questions about pruning. The only pumpkin I have started is smaller than a baseball and only a few days past pollination but appears to be growing despite some very hot weather this week. From what i have read, I understand that in addition to curving the vine to allow growth - I should also prune back anything that might be in the pumpkins way.. I am afraid to cut through a big leaf stalk (leaving a hole in the vine) right next to my new pumpkin..but if (fingers crossed) the pumpkin keeps growing- the leaf is clearly going to be in the way..is there any danger in cutting off the leaf...should I wait until the pumpkin is bigger ..any advice for this newbie? Thanks!

Jamie said...

My friend in Maine--I usually take the leaf next to the pumpkin off right away because it can rub against the young pumpkin that has very tender skin and scar it up. I usually do it with some scissors or sharp knife being carefull to make a clean cut and not hit the pumpkin. I'll also take off the vine that is typically under the pumpkin early.

Patrick said...

I found your site a couple years ago while doing a Google search on how to grow big pumpkins in Colorado. I continue to come back to your site for many reasons - mainly because I love the tips/hints/info & I like to compare your progress to mine (especially since we live in the same state). My wife doesn't read your blog, but when she see's that I'm reading it she gets a kick out of titles like "Baby Pictures", and loves to razz me on being such a gardening nerd.

As far as future posts, I'd say just keep doing what you're doing. It's nice to know what you're doing and when/why you're doing it. It helps me to understand how giant pumpkin growers think. Also I've found it helpful to know what products you use. I grow other things besides pumpkins and have found that using fertilizers like fish emulsion not only works well on pumpkins, but on tomatoes and peppers too!

Keep up the good work!


Jamie said...

Hey Patrick--My wife prefers the term "pumpkin geeks." Lol

Thanks for visiting the site and Grow Em Big!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Chicagoland,

I am growing a Fergusson 720. I had 2 other Fergusson's and Show King Squash 492 fail due to excessive heat.

I am also growing 6 lumina plants.

This is my first rodeo with Dill's Atlantic Giants. I have been wanting to do this for 5 years and the opportunity dropped in my lap at the end of May.

Here is the blog I am keeping: http://tinyurl.com/6nrf5c9


Sharon H said...

Thanks for the tip of a 10% bleach to save my burnt pumpkin. I don't think its gonna make, it but it would certainly be done by now without the wipe downs. Its still growing slowly and may grow over the bad spot before it goes bad. I sprayed the spot 3 days ago with tree bark spray in a last ditch attempt to seal it.

I still have 3 others growing well, all between 300 and 400 lbs. I may have my wife post some pics
Thanks Again,


Anonymous said...

Hello from Longmont,

Your site is great! I appreciate it partially because I'm a local guy and partially because I learn so much about what makes these plants tick. I'm going to try for some big ones in the future and will be referencing your work often.

I’m a first year grower trying to get some "normal" sized pumpkins. I've tried various times in my life but never really succeeded. This year I'm all-in but, given limited space, am using a 3x waterbox setup. So far so good; I've got 5 pumpkins all in jack-o-lantern range. Pretty tiny compared to what you grow but I am very proud anyway!

Thanks for all that you do, and good luck!