Monday, July 2, 2012

Not Sure the Pollinations Took

Growth on the 1789 female has seen little to no growth, although the pumpkin is still shiny.  I've never seem this before.  Usually they take right off, but this time the pumpkin is only the size of a baseball after 8 days so I'm going to keep it on the vine but consider it aborted.  I have another female coming on at about 16 feet in the next 3-4 days so hopefully that will will show better results.

The female on the 1451 isn't showing much growth either and I'm not sure it took at all.  I'll know more on that one in the next day or two.  There is a female about 4 feet further out that should be opening by the end of the week.

Constant 98+ degree temperatures doesn't make this easy.  Looks like rain could be coming in the forecast for Denver which is great. 

I sprayed some Big Bloom on the soil this evening.

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