Saturday, September 22, 2012

Almost Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off Time!

The following is information for the next two weigh-offs.  I'll be taking my pumpkin to Jared's one week from today.  Stop by and say high if you see me.

Jared's Nursery Giant Pumpkin Weigh-off & Festival
Saturday, September 29th
9:00am Registration, 10am until 5pm
10500 W. Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO 80127

Nick's Great Pumpkin Weigh Off 2012
Saturday, October 5th
9:00am Registration, 11:00-2:00
2001 South Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

There are two other weigh-offs after these so watch for additional information to come.  If you have kids the above two weigh-offs they will love.  Lots of games, food, giant pumpkins and activities.  If you have never seen a pumpkin over 1,000 pounds these two weigh-offs will the place to be.  At Jared's grower Don Young is supposed to be bringing a pumpkin.  They have had tough weather in Iowa this year but Don in the past has grown a number of pumpkins over 1,600 pounds and is a really nice guy.  You may have seen his giant pumpkin on Conan O'Briens show a few years back get crushed by a monster truck.

At Jared's or Nick's, rumor has it, that a possible state record pumpkin will be brought that may weigh over 1,400 pounds.  We will just have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your weigh-offs. I enjoy reading your blog and thank you for your time to share with us.

Jamie said...

Thanks! I'm glad people actually read it.