Monday, September 17, 2012

Warmer Weather Means Better Pumpkin Growth

In this cool part of the growing season it can be hard to get descent gains late in the season. Cooler weather on a tired plant makes it harder for the pumpkin to get at nutrients.  There is something like 200% more biological activity in the soil between 72 degrees and 80 degrees.  Cold temps mean the little guys in the soil aren't breaking down as much material and as a result the plant gets less nutrients.  Saturday and Sunday we had above average temperatures and it showed on the pumpkin.  I wasn't sure if the pumpkin had stopped growing but nearly 8 pounds of growth a day Since Saturday which was a pleasant surprise.  I know the tape wasn't lying because it was the first time I had trouble getting between the poles and the pumpkin when I was measuring.

I gave the plant some foliar and drench Neptune's Fish & Seaweed this evening. 

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