Friday, March 8, 2013

The 2013 Pumpkin Seed Lineup is Set

Drum roll please!  I've decided on my seed lineup for this year.  I'm going to start three 1775 Starr seeds (1725 Harp x Self), a 1421 Stelts (1385 Jutras x 904 Stelts), a 1789 Wallace (1725 Harp x 1810 Stevens) and a 1799 Daletas (1495 Stelts x 1409 Miller).  Now I just pray that one of these seeds can grow big for me and I hope it isn't the one that I have to pull from the ground in May.  I like the genetics in all of these seeds.  Some of them are proven (meaning that the same seed has grown giant pumpkins for other growers) and some of them will be the first year that they have seen dirt.  The 1789 Wallace grew the second biggest pumpkin ever last year.  I grew a 1789 last season but last the plant to disease.  The 1421 is in the top 5 for biggest progeny all time.  It also tends to grow orange pumpkins and I wanted one orange one in the lineup.   Thanks to everyone that gave me seeds!  I hope I can do you proud.

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