Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hot in Denver and Pumpkin Pollinations

The 1421 Stelts seems to have taken the pollination in what has been some pretty bad heat. The female has grown in size so that is a good sign.  One more 95 degree day and then we will back into the 80s for a while. Usually days 3-5 is when you can really tell if the pumpkin has set and not until about day 10 can you breath a sigh of relief. Pictured below is the 1775 Starr female that I'll be pollinating on Saturday or Sunday. This female is similar to the one that grew into the 1,775 pound pumpkin that the seed I am growing came from.  However, Thad's a fair amount skinner and had a much longer stem on it.
This evening I sprayed some bug spray on all of the plants.  I kind of hate to do that but after losing a plant last year to a disease spread by the Squash Bug I don't want to lose a plant again because of that.  I also sprayed a little fish & seaweed on the ground where the plants haven't grown yet.

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