Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Burying Vines, Weeding & Watching the Pumpkin Plants Grow

Not a lot of fun these lots couple of days.  I had fallen behind on wedding and vine burying and I've been hurrying this evening to get caught up.  The 1775 plant has really kicked it into gear on the side vines.  I buried most of them yesterday evening and this evening they were almost ready to be buried again.  The root system on the 1421 plant is very impressive.  I've finding good sized roots why out of the plant which is a good thing.  It has been pretty cool in Denver the last four days but warmer days are ahead for the next 5 days.


Unknown said...

This is the first time we have tried growing giant pumpkins. We have 3plants that I started indoors in April and planted outside in mid-May they are roughly 9-12feet long. They are Big Max and Atlantic Giant pumpkins. 2 of the plants have female flowers, but they haven't bloomed yet, and the third has lots of male flowers, but no female ones yet. I examine them all every morning while I water them. Should I be concerned that they haven't been pollinated yet? We aren't looking for record breakers, but I was hoping to get at least 2 good sized pumpkins for my boys to have for Halloween this year.

Jamie said...

Hey Kimi, thanks for your comment. On my 1775 plant the first female flower to open on the entire plant was only 5 days ago. It was making me bite my nails. That plant is probably 20 feet long now. My 1421 plant has had 3 flowers open on the main vine already with a 4th just a couple of days away. Some plants are just like that sometimes. Your plants are at the size right now that they tend to start producing female flowers. Male flowers always come much earlier. Lay off of the fertilizers for the next two weeks because sometimes nitrogen fertilizers make the plants vine more and produce less flowers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm hoping they will open so I can pollinate them in the next couple days, I can't wait to see how big your pumpkins get this year!