Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fertilizer Time for the Pumpkin Plants

This week is the first time in about two months that I've given either of the pumpkin plants any substantial amounts of fertilizer.  I've talked about foliar applications of a lot of different stuff but most of that had very little to no NPK in it because either the quantity was so small or it was mostly just minerals.  This evening I hit the 1421 plant with about 3 ounces of foliar 2-3-3 liquid fish & seaweed (every dog and cat in the neighborhood will be at the pumpkin patch) and the 1775 plant with about 3 ounces of 0-1-1 with one tablespoon of liquid seaweed added.

I was told by John Tabernera back in late June that in mid-August I would need to hit that plant with phosphorous because of the high nitrogen on that side of the patch.  Once I week I'll do that.  The growth on the 1421 has naturally slowed due to age so tonight's fertilizer will give it a bit of bump hopefully.  Depending on how the pumpkin reacts over the next three days I'll probably give the plant 3-4 ounces of fish & seaweed twice a week for the next 4 weeks.

I've been watching the 335 Scherber that was crossed with the 2009 clone and there has been no growth for a week.  The pumpkin is very small but still shiny.  The other pumpkin on the plant seems to be sucking everything out of that plant so I'm not sure that pumpkin is going to make it.  Kind of sad because that pumpkin is really cranking for its size and growing conditions and the cross with the 2009 is perfect.

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