Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thanks to Everyone for Coming by on the RMGVG Patch Tour

It was great to see everyone on the pumpkin patch tour today.  We sure have a great bunch of growers and Wiz always puts on a nice event.  This year growers came to my patch, Scherber's and then the Wiz & Biz patch.  Joe has a very nice 1623 pumpkin growing.  I told Joe this 2 weeks ago and I still think its true.  Joe's pumpkin is a few days behind mine in growth but it has so much growth after the fruit that I think come September he will catch me.  However I wouldn't have thought that my pumpkin would be at 900 pounds at this point of the season based on the current plant growth so maybe I'll be wrong.

This evening I gave the 1421 some foliar multimineral and seaweed.  I also gave the vines after the plant some 0-1-1.  The 1775 I gave the same with some additional 0-1-1 added.

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