Thursday, May 15, 2014

Line Up Change

Today I took out the 1220 Johnson plant that was in the hoop house with the 1791 Holland.  The 1220 wasn't going to make the cut (unlike my son's 1220 which is a beast of a plant) and the 282 Scherber was looking really nice so I've planted it and will let it battle it out with the 1791 to see who is top dog.  I now owe my daughter a pony for that plant.  I wasn't sure I wanted to plant the 282 in the hoop house because I know there was a chance I might not go with it and I wanted to grow a 282 to see how it does and potentially cross it with the 1725 clone.   The 282 Scherber seed is a seed from a clone/cutting of the plant that grew the world-record 2009 pumpkin the year before last.  A wise grower reminded me to go with the best of what I've got so we will just see what happens.

Both of the 335 plants in the other hoop house look very nice.  They don't mind hot, sun or cold.   I'm ready for all of these plants to wire up and start growing.

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