Sunday, June 29, 2014

Azos under the Leaf Canopy

This evening I sprayed Azos under the leaf canopy on the soil where the vines are buried and just in front of the vines.  Azos is a bacteria originally found in the jungles of Brazil.  It is a nitrogen fixing bacteria, but I think what is more interesting is the gibberellin type substances that Azos produces and share with the pumpkin plant (i.e. growth hormones for plants) and how it can enhance the root mass.  I've used Azos for a number of years now.  It isn't something that makes a noticable difference in a plant, but if the studies are good, then what is happening under the surface of the soil should help to produce a larger pumpkin later in the season.

Hot one in Denver today.  Fortunately, but accidentally I left the misting sprinkler running for about 4 hours this afternoon (long story).  Needless to say the plants didn't lack for moisture today and probably never noticed the heat.  That misting sprinkler fortunately doesn't put down much water and it was running during the hottest part of the day so no damage done and if anything it might have helped.

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