Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting Close to Planting Time

Right now I have my plants under lights, but I'm thinking about putting them in the ground on Thursday. I don't want the plants to get root bound and they will soon be too big to fit under the lights.   From left to right, starting at the top, the first plant is my 1415 Scherber.  First to sprout and the fastest growing on my plants. 2nd is the 1985 Miller.  2nd to sprout (only an hour later) and also a fast grower.  3rd is the 282 Scherber.  This plant was very slow to germinate and about a week behind as a result.  So far it is looking to be an okay plant so far.  On the 2nd row left, is the other 1415 Scherber.  Slower to get going that than the first plant, but looking okay.  The last plant is my 2nd 282 Scherber.  Not sure what to make of this plant.  On the stem there is a small split that has healed and it hasn't grown very well to this point.  Overall, I think I have some plants that I can make something of.

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