Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let the Pumpkin Season Begin!

This morning I filed, soaked and started my pumpkin seeds.  The seeds I'm starting:

282 Scherber (1725 Harp x self) - this is a seed from the plant that grew the 2,009 pound world record that was "cloned."

1985 Miller (2009 Wallace x 1725 Harp) - Grew a lot of massive pumpkins last year

1415 Scherber - this is a 282 seed that was selfed last year.  Pumpkin was in Colorado state record territory when it went down three weeks before the weigh-off.

Need seeds to grow a giant pumpkin yourself?  It is a great activity to do with your kids or to just have the biggest jack-o-lantern in the neighborhood.  Get your seeds here.

The following is a great article on seed germination techniques:  Seed_Soak_Experiment

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