Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tilled the Patch and Nailed It

Today I tilled in some algalfa, humic acid, kelp meal, 4lbs of myco and peat moss into the pumpkin patch.  After tilling the patch I put down some winter rye that I pre-germinated in a bucket of lava sand with some Azos.  This evening a little rain fell which should help get that winter rye going.  In early June, I'll till in that cover crop of winter rye.  It will help suppress the weeds, ad organic matter and help add nutrients to the soil that will be readily available to the pumpkin plants.

I expanded the patch some.  The new area's soil is going to need some work, but the amendments I added to the soil are a good start.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a master list of where you get your purchase your soil amendments from? Would love to get some Alfalfa Pellets and Lava sand, but I am finding that shipping adds quite a bit to the cost of things. Is there a local place here in the Denver/Arvada area that you go for these? Thanks!

Jamie said...

I get the alfalfa pellets from a local feed store. Make sure it isn't salted. The lava sand I got from I got from a local garden center. They had to special order it but it didn't have any shipping charges.