Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Pics from the Giant Pumpkin Patch

The following are the latest pictures of both of my plants.  The 1985 Miller is about 13 feet long right now and has a female at about 10 1/2 feet.  The 282 is about 11 feet long with a female at about 10 feet.  It is a week younger, so it is growing fairly well.  I would like to see these plants be about 1 week older until I have keeper pollination on the vine, but I'll pollinate everything on the vine to play it safe.

Better weather is in the forecast for the next week, which is ideal.  If we had the same weather during the next two weeks it could be trouble, but fortunately warmer and less rain in the forecast for now.

1985 Miller

282 Scherber

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