Saturday, August 15, 2015

Biologically Feeding & Protecting the Plants with Microbes

Today I gave the plants a healthy dose of microbes with a heavy watering.  More specifically I gave the plant Actinovate with iron, Biotamax and Azos.  I used a sprayer with un-chlorinated water to spray under the leaf canopy and then watered the whole patch heavily to water it all in.  Some of these biologicals will help protect the plant and others will help to feed the plant.  A happy soil feed web means a happy pumpkin plant.

Trying a little experiment with the watering today to see if I can salvage this season some.  Watered for a full hour today to give it a good soaking.  I don't believe we've had any significant rain in the patch for a month, so I'm going to see if some deep watering might increase the growth some. 

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