Friday, September 4, 2015

Pumpkin Growers Are Typically Good People

Had a casual get together with some different pumpkin growers yesterday evening and had a very nice time.  Conversations ran the gamete, but the conversation always came back around to pumpkins. 

There are some really big pumpkins in Colorado this year.  Other than May, the weather has been much better than average for growing this season.  I think there will be two or three pumpkins this year in state record territory.

I only fully realized how hammered my plants are with disease this season when I saw the Wiz's plants last night.  His leaves look about as good as they have been this late in the season.  My leaves look they way leaves should look at the beginning of October and not the beginning of September.   I've got some plans for next season to help keep the plants disease free.

This evening I did a foliar application of RAW Bloom, B-vitamins, Cal Mag and Silica.  Trying to squeeze as much weight into the pumpkin as I can right now because I don't think my pumpkin will still be growing at the end of the month.

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