Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Taking 2016 Off from Pumpkin Growing

It is with some sadness that I announce I won't be growing any pumpkins this year.  It looks like we will be moving to just outside of Park City, Utah this summer.  We love Colorado and have deep roots here, but an opportunity has arisen that my family doesn't want to pass up. 

I'll still be doing my website design business with my same development team, just relocating the headquarters.  I'm also still planning on growing giant pumpkins and hope to setup a greenhouse this fall for growing.  The altitude of my new home is about 400 feet higher than here in Denver. 

I'll be continuing my blog.  My plan is to try to keep the clone plant that grew the 2008 Neptune going all summer and winter and use it as a pollinator next year.  So I'll write about that and about starting the new pumpkin patch.

I'll miss the great weigh-offs here in Colorado and the RMGVG community however, but look forward to meeting the growers in Utah.  They seem to be a great bunch based on the movie that they were in.

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