Sunday, May 21, 2017

Updates from the Pumpkin Patch

I apologize to those who asked to see some picture updates of the pumpkin plants.  Been very busy lately.  On Saturday I worked eight hours in the yard (feeling it today) getting ready for sod that is finally arriving on Tuesday and I haven't had time for much of anything else.  I still need to get the sprinkler lines in for the pumpkin patch, so Memorial Day weekend that will be one of the main things I'll be working on.

Right now I have two nice plants and two crummy plants.  But that is why I double plant in each hoop house.  The good news is that I have one good plant in each hoop house, so I'll be pulling the less interesting plants this week.

My 747 is becoming a very nice plant and is an aggressive grower.   It is about 1 1/2 feet from the end of the hoop house already, which is causing me problems.   Morning lows are still pretty cool in Midway (we had snow 4 days ago) and I'd love to keep that plant in the hoop house until at least the 1st of June.   My plan is to re-position the hoop house so the plant is positioned corner to corner which will probably gain me an extra 6 inches or so.   I'll sure it will still outgrow the hoop house in a week however.

The 1685 is starting to shape up to a descent looking plant.  Not as aggressive as the 747, but looking pretty good lately.  It had a rougher time with the transition to the hoop house, but it is wired up now and read to go.

Today I gave the plants a fair amount of compost tea with a descent amount of alfalfa in it and a touch of  phosphorous seaweed.   In about a week I'll give the plants some blood meal to start pushing out the vines.  I'm hoping to have some fruit set on the plants by June 15th.

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