Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hot in the Pumpkin Patch Today

Hit 101 degrees today and it has stayed warmer longer than it normally does in Midway, UT.  By this time it typically starts cooling off, but not much cooling so far this evening.

Gave the plants a lot of extra water today and ran the sprinklers once every hour to help keep the plants cool.  Leaves after the pumpkins were folded like flags, as the pumpkins have started to kick into gear and are starting to pull most of the plants energy.

Put down some granular, organic 8-2-1 around the outer edges of the pumpkin plant this evening.  After talking with Joe Scherber last week when I visited his patch, I decided I've been under fertilizing the pumpkin plants in the past, so the frequency that I fertilize will probably double.  Since I put down a fair amount of fertilizer on the 4th, I just put this fertilizer mostly at the edges of the vines.  Those areas haven't been fertilized much, so I want to make sure the nutrients are there once the roots get out to those outer areas.

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Kimberly said...

Your blog is the most informative I have found. Thank you!! I grew a larger than average, but by no means giant, Atlantic Giant pumpkin by accident last year. I was hoping to repeat that, but this year each of my plants has produced two very nice specimens. Is it too late to take one off? What might happen if I try leaving both on one vine? I'm just hoping for one to reach 100 lbs. Next year, with more prep, I hope to make a real go of it. :)