Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Battling Powdery Mildew in the Pumpkin Patch

I mentioned in a recent post that I've got some powdery mildew going on in the pumpkin patch.  After returning from vacation I noticed it and now that I've had some time to get into the patch more, it is relatively bad for this early in the season. 

The interesting thing is that the 747 plant has it bad.  The 1685 plants show none.   I've seen this before.  Some plants seem more resistant than others to powdery mildew.   The other thing is that the 747 plant got much more beat up by winds than the 1685 plants and that damage makes it more susceptible.  All of the older leaves that survived the wind were covered in powdery mildew so I took them out of the patch to help keep it from spreading.  The leaves that are a little younger but damaged are also showing relatively bad powdery mildew and I'll have to take those leaves out in the next couple of weeks.  Getting the powdery mildew this early and this bad is bad sign.   I'll have to manage it carefully or I'll have real problems in a month.

Today I hit all of the plants with a fungicide and a insecticide/fungicide. 

Last night I put down some organic granular fertilizer (8-2-1).  It is a slower release fertilizer.  I also sprayed on the soil some potassium, humic acid, b-vitamins and Omina.   The grandular doesn't have enough potassium and the pumpkins are feeding heavily on potassium at this point of the season so I want to keep the supply up.   May have overdone it some on the nitrogen this week, so I'll back off on it the next couple of weeks.

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