Friday, August 25, 2017

Compost Tea for the Pumpkin Plant

Did a five hour brew of compost tea and then mostly poured the five gallons on the ground and on some of the leaves.  Tried to focus on the established, but newer growth areas of the plant and around the stumps.  Those areas of the plant with the full-sized but newer leaves are going to power the pumpkin through the remaining month of the season, so I want to baby those sections of the plants and get as much out of them as I possibly can.  Trying to make every day account for 10-12 new pounds on the pumpkin as long as we can.  Never know in these parts when a frost will hit.  Forecast looks really good for the next 10 days, but the average first frost in Midway is around September 15th.  We'll hope for a warm end to the summer and first two weeks of fall.

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