Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More Fertilizer for the Pumpkin and How the Pumpkin Blog Works for Me

If you are one of the people that reads this blog everyday, it may seem redundant, but I spayed some nitrogen, potassium, humic acid and yucca on the soil this morning.

I literally put everything I do when growing giant pumpkins into this blog.  It is rare that I'll not put something and usually if I don't put it in the blog it is because I forgot or I'm doing a test that I want to try before making it public and I always eventually put it in the blog after the test is over.

The other reason everything is posted here is simply for myself.  I love sharing tips on growing giant pumpkins, but I also read this blog myself.  Why you ask?  Isn't this blog boring enough to put anyone to sleep during a second read?  Well, yes, but sometimes I'll look over the previous few posts to remind myself what I've done with the plants recently because I can't exactly remember when I sprayed something like TKO and I don't want to spray anything with copper in it for at least 10 days after.

Other times I'll look at the photos over the last few months.  They help show me how the plant has progressed and see changes that have gone on over the previous weeks.   Other times I'll compare the current years plant with past plants.  Particularly early in the season it is nice to see how big a plant had grown on a certain number of growing days compared to plants in previous years.  I thought my 747 plant was behind early in the season.   Turned out it was on par or even a little ahead of some of my best plants from previous years and that helps keep me from wanting to pour a bunch of fertilizer on the plant.  Lol

One thing I recently did was look at a picture of the 747 pumpkin from this year and looked at pictures from 2 years ago of its mama because I was wondering if this pumpkin might go heavy like mama.  I figured if the pumpkin has similar traits to mama verses papa then it would be more likely to go heavy.  This is what I saw from the blog photos:

Color between the two pumpkins are obviously different.  Papa was more yellow than orange so this pumpkin is kind of a hybrid of the two.   I've drawn some lines, on both pumpkins to highlight how the ribbing is similar between the two.  Mam has that funny looking ring around it.  That was due to irrigation problems, but the shape of the two pumpkin are the same.   Generally speaking this pumpkin looks a lot more like mama than papa, so hopefully it will go heavy like mama.  I don't expect it to go nearly as heavy however.  

Pumpkin growing can sometimes be a head game.   It can be hard to be patient, when you want a big pumpkin.   I'll use the blog to help remind me that things are growing and everything is all right which I know has helped me at times from over reacting and doing something that I might regret later.

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