Monday, November 20, 2017

2145 McMullen Pumpkin Seed & a BIG Thanks

Every so often a hot seed pops up that grows some really big pumpkins. Some are kind of flashes in the pan, where a few big really pumpkin come about, but not a lot seem to come from the progeny and the popularity falls off.  Others seem to create dynasties where most all of the big pumpkins seem to come through the same seed's line.

The first seed in the time I've been growing to create a dynasty was the 1068 Wallace.   If you grow a 1068 Wallace there was a much higher change or growing a personal best pumpkin than from any other seed.  Not every 1068 Wallace was going to create a World Record, but your changes of growing a big pumpkin were probably 50% higher than any other seed of its time.

Since then there was the 998 Pukos, 1161 Rodonis, 1409 Miller that were kind of flashes in the pan, but the next dynasty seed was also a Wallace seed, the 2009 Wallace.  That seed was also a game changer.  I believe every world record pumpkin grown since the 2009 either was grown from or had 2009 genetics in its line.  It could be argued that even today, if there were any seeds left, that the 2009 seed would still be the best seed available.

The new dynasty seed is the 2145 McMullen.  The current world record holder of 2,624 pounds was grown from the 2145 seed.  Also the 2nd biggest pumpkin ever came from the 2145.   This year 15 of the top 30 pumpkins had 2145 genetics.  That is pretty incredible considering the number of different seeds planted in 2017.

A month or so ago a grower who is a good friend contacted me and asked if they sent me a 2145 seed if I would grow it.  Of course, I said YES!   It is a very hard seed to come by.  Today it arrived in the a mail.  I owe that individual a big thanks.  Will give it my best shot to grow a big pumpkin from it next year.

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