Sunday, April 8, 2018

Finding the Square Footage of Your Pumpkin Patch or Anything Else

In addition to doing my patch prep right now, I'm trying to complete the landscaping for the backyard.  Then very soon I'll be doing the greenhouse.  Three big projects in a two month period.  Not ideal.   But I pretty much have to get it all done. 

While trying to figure out how many square feet of landscaping rock I needed for the yard I ran into a problem.  I need a lot of rock, but the areas that will be covered are hard to measure because it mostly isn't simple square areas.  There are lots of different angles.  It then occurred to me that I may be able to find a solution using Google Maps satellite view.  I had used a tool once that would allow you to calculate a distance in feet on the map, so I wondered if there was a tool that allowed you to calculate an area on a map.  Low and behold there was:

This website allows you to pick points for the corners of the area and it then figures out the square footage.  You can do multiple areas which it will then total.  So you can easily look at the satellite view of your pumpkin patch.  Pick the corners of the patch and within about 1/2 foot have an accurate measurement for the pumpkin patch or any other area of any size.  Pretty cool.

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