Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tilled the 2145 Patch & Fertilizer

Yesterday evening I tilled the 2145 cover crop and amendments into the soil and re-positioned the wind fences around the plant.   That plant is starting to kick into gear now.  I noticed a few female in the vine tip, so 10-14 days from now we should be pollinating.  That should be about perfect timing.  It gives an ideal number of growing days to the weigh-off and the plant should be at an sufficent enough size by that point to be able to start pushing to the pumpkin. 

This morning I sprayed a light mixture of 3-12-12, Omina (14-0-0) and fulvic acid on the soil.   I haven't been quite as diligent as I would have liked on my fertilizer program.  I've followed the program, but haven't been quite doing the daily spoon feeding.  Tomorrow or Thursday I plan on having the daan micro sprinklers setup in the 2145 patch with the fertigation setup running.  That will automate the fertilizing which will be nice.

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