Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sunbathing the Seedlings

Usually I try to get the plants some late morning sun as often as I can to help them adjust to the outdoors.  Even good indoor lights and a lights can't quite get you what the sun can do.  In my area it gets windy by noon typically, so usually half an hour to two hours is about as much sun time as I can get.  If you don't get the plants in the sun, usually I find that the plants struggle and look horrible during the brightest parts of the day for 3-7 days after planting.  So this sun time is important.

The plant at the bottom of the picture is the 2005 Haist. The one at the top is my 1325.  Both seem to be doing well.

In an ideal world, I would plant these right now.  When that 2nd true leaf shows up, it is about the right time.  I'm still 10 days out probably.  Will be watching the weather closely.

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