Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pumpkin Flatvine (Dang!)

The 2005 Haist plant has gone flatvine (AKA flat vine).  That is really too bad.  Probably won't be able to grow this plant now, which is disappointing.  I haven't had a flatvine ever before.  The problem with a flatvine is the vine tends to go mutant and has trouble splitting.  What you can do is train a side vine to be the new main vine and that works fine, but it sets you back two weeks when you have to do that.  Since I have a very healthy 1325 Johnson plant, I'll probably go with it, but I'm going to let this 2005 plant grow out as long as I can to see what it does.  Right now the vine tip hasn't gone mutant.

Today I gave the plants some Omina, silica and yucca.  I've been watering the plants heavy.  In particular the 2005 plant, because some people have said it will grow out of it if you do that.  This video shows the flatvine.  I'm not sure anyone truly knows what causes flatvine in a pumpkin plan.  I think it is a combination of a strong plant vigor, temperature and nutrients playing together in combination.

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