Friday, June 4, 2021

Pumpkin Fertilizer and the Choice is Made

I was lamenting what pumpkin plant to pull until a few days ago.   The vine tip on one of the plants got burnt, which is pretty inexplicable, because in the greenhouse that hasn't happened to me before, so that plant has self selected to be pulled today.

Gave the plant some 14-0-14, calmag and seaweed today.  Right now I've been fertilizing small amounts about twice a week.   Once I start using the irrigation rather than hand watering, when I remove the hoop house, I start fertigating small amounts of fertilizer almost daily.

The chosen plant is a couple of feet outside of the greenhouse now and growing nicely.   Side vines are coming on strong now, so this plant will go from looking like a stick to filling the first half of the greenhouse in a matter of weeks.  I haven't checked the vine tip yet, but I'm hoping to see a female flower show up in the next week.  The plant has had a couple of flowers on it already, so I'm guessing a female should show up soon.


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Christina said...

Wow! What a big size pumkin. Opps!