Saturday, April 22, 2023

Let the Giant Pumpkin Games Begin!

We've germinated the seeds and we are off to the races.  This year my son and I are growing together.  The seeds we've chosen are the 1752 Kisamore and the 2287 Sadiq.  We are going for big and orange this year.  I've searched all around and these are the two seeds that I think can do just that.  I was going to germinate two 1752 seeds, but one seed was damaged and never germinated, so the Sadiq became the backup.  On paper, I like the Sadiq genetics a little better.  The plan is to only grow one plant, so these two will be battling it out. 

We started the germinating of the seeds a little later this year.  On the 16th we started the 1752 seed and the 2287 Sadiq was started on the 19th.  I also started two of my own giant watermelon seeds.  Hoping I can keep the deer away from them this year.

I've talked about this before, but here is a picture of the 1752 plant with a milk jug next to it.  That milk jug has yeast, sugar and de-chlorinated water in it.  When the yeast eats the sugars they produce carbon dioxide, which the plants will use for photosynthesis.  Does it work?  Yes.  How much?  I'd like to do a test with that, using two plants, but I haven't.  But I know for sure that there is CO2 being generated from the jug, plants use CO2 and I've wondered if the plants, being in a closet, can get a little CO2 deprived being in a closet and if this setup could help optimize the environment. 

Doing this won't get you to a 2,000 pound pumpkin, but it also can't hurt.

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