Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Pumpkin Growing Time in Denver, Colorado

Pollinated three flowers on the 4th and all three have taken. Two are on side vines and one is on the main. The one on the main is about 8 feet out from the stump so it is my back up right now. I have another nice looking female that is at 11' 2" that I plan on pollinating the later part of this week and I hope that she is the one. She is well positioned and right where my sand is located so if she takes she will probably be the one I will go with. To grow giant pumpkins you are best off just growing one pumpkin on the plant. That way all of the energy will flow to it. Pollinate three or four pumpkins however to make sure that the one that you want takes before removing the other pumpkins from the vine. A plant can abort a pumpkin up to 10 days after it is pollinated so you need to make sure you have a backup plan. When removing or culling the pumpkins I recommend cutting the stems half way through the first day and then completely removing them the second day. Removing them all at once can then cause a rush of energy to the chosen pumpkin which will occasionally cause it to abort.

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