Friday, July 4, 2008

Soil Experiment Part 2: The Final Conclusion

I added one more soil to the seed starting soil test. The new soil was Happy Frog Soil Conditioner mixed with 50% clay soil from the yard. The following are the results from the previous test with the Happy Frog soil added:

Manure #1 - did not grow
Manure #2 - did not grow
Miracle Gro Organic Garden Soil #1 - did not grow
Miracle Gro Organic Garden Soil #2 - 4"
Miracle Gro Seed Starting #1 - 3 1/8"
Miracle Gro Seed Starting #2 - 6 1/8"
Hyponex Top Soil #1 - 2 1/2"
Hyponex Top Soil #2 - 3"
Happy Frog Soil - 5 1/2"

The Happy Frog Soil showed real promise in the beginning but the pumpkin plant kind of stalled the last week and didn't grow very much at all. I would say it showed potential to be the best but some additional tests would need to be conducted to be conclusive.

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